Finding Pleasure in Working Out

CLIENTS often ask me what I think of group exercise classes such as Body Pump and Body Combat.

When I was younger my reply was “If your flat is cold and the roof lets the rain in then a BodyPump class is a great way to avoid the misery.”

Now I’m a lot older and a little more mellow I think the best answer is “If you enjoy it, then it’s good-ish.”

I’d quickly add that there are numerous, vastly superior, forms of exercise than BodyPump. But if you enjoy the class and it helps you move about for a bit then go for it.

My point is simple. Exercise is hard work and the gains you want will come slower than you want. You’re going to have to put a ridiculously large amount of time and effort into your exercise and you’re far more likely to put in this effort if there’s actually something you enjoy about your exercise.

If this is you then chances are you've already thought about quitting

While the idea of enjoying exercise can sound nonsensical you have to look for something you enjoy about it. If you’re a competitive person start up a challenge with someone – whether they know it or not. There are many on-line systems these days that let you compete against people from around the world.

If you like competing against yourself set some little targets and try and hit them, whether this is something as simple as going to the gym three times a week, or lifting that heavy looking weight in the corner of the gym. Just find something that will make going to the gym fun. Or sooner or later you’ll simply stop going to the gym.

IF YOU ONLY REMEMBER ONE THING: No exercise system is going to work without you putting in the hard yards. You’re more likely to stick with something you enjoy than something you hate, so pick something that you like doing. Then make sure you do it.