Let out clients do the talking. Here is what our happy clients had to say:


Don't want to take our word for it. Here's what some of our clients had to say:


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I'd been putting on weight slowly ever since I arrived from New Zealand 2007.  


A combination of office work, lack of outdoor activity, over eating and drinking and plain laziness had left me chubby and tired and avoiding cameras.

I came to Paul knowing I needed to lose weight for a family event. I had ambitious goals, but little motivation to actually achieve them.  I wanted to understand how I could keep eating and drinking, do little exercise but still be thin. Like all difficult things, I thought how can I outsource this problem? 


After 12 weeks with Paul I'd lost 10kg, toned-up and dropped from size 16 to a 12 and from a 36F to a 34DD.  It wasn't only twice weekly sessions with Paul - his gentle and patient persuasion saw me doing plenty more exercise and thinking about what I ate and drank. 

Paul isn't your normal PT, no workout is the same and he gauges your mood pushing you as much as you need whilst all the while distracting you with engaging and intelligent conversation.

I've kept it off, lost a bit more and toned up further over the last 6 months. I could still be thinner, but I am happy; I can fit into the trousers I wore at graduation 13 years ago!






Paul knew just how to motivate me in every session to push a

I've always enjoyed exercise and fitness and have worked with other PT's before, but after a few months of being of ill, being lazy and not eating well, things were not looking good. 


I decided to enter the Tough Mudder endurance race to give me something to focus on and give me some motivation.  As I only had 3 months to get myself into shape and fit enough for this 12 mile, 20 obstacle endurance event I decided to work with a personal trainer again. 


A few people from my office were already training with Paul and highly recommended him. little harder and work towards achieving small goals over time.  When I started getting fitter and stronger, we moved onto doing more advanced exercises and bigger goals. 


I always had something to work towards that was attainable.  I quickly started seeing massive improvements in my fitness, overall strength and body shape.  Friends and family started commenting on how fit and healthy I was looking.  I was even doing exercises that I had never dreamed of attempting before, including making progress pull ups

I can honestly say that even though each session was hard, I fully enjoyed it. This was down to Paul taking the time to tailor a session that fitted around my style of working out. He knew I liked to be challenged and that I enjoyed exercises where we could see improvement, even on a small scale.

Needless to say when it came to the Tough Mudder I was ready.






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I trained with Paul to get in shape for my wedding. My objectives were losing weight, toning up, increasing strength and improving fitness and all of my goals were exceeded.

I enjoyed working with Paul so much that I continued for an additional 6 months after the wedding. Paul gives great easily digestible and practical guidance on the right exercise and weights programmes as well as dietary tips for you to reach your goals.

I still use all of the things that I have learnt today. I found Paul to be very motivating in sessions as well as very good at mixing up what we did each day to keep it interesting. I loved the extra boxing coaching, for example, for strength and conditioning. He’s a great guy and I can’t recommend him enough.


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Paul has not only given me the knowledge of how to work out and taught me which drills will be most effective for what I am trying to achieve but he also ensures that each of my work outs with him are at 100% productivity. For a long time I have detested visiting the gym or working out in general but he has now given me the confidence and ability to work out to a regime which is fun with or without his instruction. Visiting the gym I now consider a pastime that is part of my everyday life.

I would highly recommend Paul whether you are new to the gym and are looking for guidance or are experienced in working out but lacking the motivation and determination to achieve your goals.