ZENITH Personal Training is the product of a passion for sport and physical activity that’s been sharpened and focused over a 10-year career in the health and fitness industries.

My name is Paul Tweeddale and I’m the founder of Zenith Personal Training. While the gym, ring and court have long been second homes to me, I’m fully aware that my zest for exercise is not something that’s shared by everyone. 

For me exhaustion and exhilaration are part and parcel of a training session while fatigue and frustration are old friends. For some of you I know these characters are hated, loathed and mistrusted foes.

But I believe the benefits of exercise are for everyone and changing the way you look and feel about yourself doesn’t have to be an unrealised dream.

More importantly I believe any Personal Trainer worth their salt should have the ability to take the exercises and training protocols that produce results and adapt them to work within the physical and emotional constraints of the client they have in front of them. 

A training session can feature the most effective exercises but it’s useless if a client refuses to embrace them. Equally so the best nutritional advice is pointless if a client doesn’t understand it and hasn’t accepted why certain foods are simply off the table.


I firmly believe the only way to get results is by having some sort of happiness or pleasure associated with exercise. Whether it’s the joy of finally fitting into a dress you outgrew years ago, the satisfaction of completing a gruelling assault course, or just the knowledge of doing something better than you did last week. Either way there has to be a something that you can turn to when things don’t go your way and when the going gets tough.

I believe it is my job as a trainer to help you find that satisfying something and I believe it is my job as a trainer to nurture this something. Once we find this we can make sure it grows and watch it take you to new heights.

Most of the people in good shape have an unfair advantage in that we tend to like what we are good at and do more of the things that we like. The result is a virtuous circle in which it’s relatively easy to improve of maintain good health. 

For those who are not naturally athletic there are a multitude of barriers and excuses as to why we can never be, nor ever want to be, in good shape. 

That sad truth is that for those people it will be harder to achieve the body they want and initially it will take greater sacrifices while the rewards will be slower to come. But that’s not to say change is impossible. In fact when change does come it will be so much sweeter as a result of the effort you have put it and it will be so much starker because of the distance you will have come.