One-on-One tuition ensures you receive the highest level of attention and gives you the best chance of achieving the body you want. 

GROUP TRAINING (2-5) – £70-£100/hr

Share the cost – and some of the pain – of Personal Training with friends or colleagues. Carefully planned sessions mean you lose little of the personal attention or results.



The sad reality is that even the most focused and demanding of exercise regimes won’t get you anywhere if your diet isn’t up to scratch. While spending an hour in the gym sweating a little is within the capabilities of most people, the truly difficult part is knowing, and sticking, to the diet that will help you shift those troublesome inches.


For those who simply don’t have the time to shop for and prepare the food that will ensure they achieve their results. After a full nutritional assessment we will create the meals you need to achieve your goals and then deliver your breakfast, lunch and dinner desk so you can rest easy knowing your diet won’t let you down.